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Seven Star Sword


Seven Star Sword 49 Postures is a double edged straight sword form from Wudang Mountain Chun Yang Sect. It is characterized by ba gua stepping, fluid and circular movements, like the spirit of the dragon. It is as much a ceremonial practice, enriched with prayer and empowerment, as it is a container for developing traditional martial weapons skills. In this online class we will learn the 49 postures of this form, its Daoist ceremonial elements, as well as some practical applications of how to wield a sword in combat. All ages and skill levels welcome. ​Must have a space to practice, as well as a double edge straight sword or "jian". Included in the program is a guide on how to select the right sword for you, with links to stores for online ordering. This course is comprised of 7 classes (1.5 hours each), taught as a livestream to a group of 50 practitioners in 2023. Each class includes a thorough wrist, elbow, shoulder warm up, sword basics, bade control, slicing, thrusting, flicking and parrying methods, basic kung fu stances and kicks, plus the downloadable name sheet for all 49 movements. We also explore ba gua stepping techniques and strengthening the legs through a dynamic squat series.

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Seven Star Sword, $12.00/month + $100.00 Registration


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