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This course can no longer be booked.

Seven Star Sword


In this online course we will learn the 49 movements of the Seven Star Sword form, Qi Xing Jian. This is a double edged straight sword form from Wudang Mountain Chun Yang Sect. It is characterized by fluid and circular movements, ba gua stepping, and precision cuts. It is as much a ceremonial practice, enriched with prayer and empowerment, as it is a container for developing traditional martial weapons skills. We will learn the 49 postures of this form, the Daoist ritual components, and basic cutting motions of Jian. We begin the practice of learning the movements in a slow tai chi like flow and pace. The set becomes like a manual one can forever refer to for an ever deepening understanding. All ages and skill levels welcome. Must have a double edge straight sword or "jian" with a blade of 28"-31" depending on height. Must have a training space of approximately 10'x10'. Please contact us if you need help ordering a sword. Recordings provided for those who cannot make the live session, and for daily review of movements throughout the weeks. Recordings available for the duration of the course plus an additional month post our final class.

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