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Tai Ji Fundamentals

An eight class series

Wednesdays, Jan 26-March 23

9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. PST

This course is designed as a training companion for all levels of Tai Ji practice.  Each class will be a one hour continuous flow of exercises to develop or maintain proficiency of movement based on fundamental principles specific to Tai Ji.  We will begin with warm ups and stretching followed by a focus concept of the day, repeating short phrases or drills that develop the expression of the internal principle.  Recordings will be provided after each class.

Jan 26: Rooted Stepping

Feb 2: Circles within Circles

Feb 9: Three Harmonies 

Feb 16: Relaxation and Expansion

~one week off~

March 2: Fire Method  (power) 

March 9: Water Method (fluidity)

March 16: Emptiness and Fullness

March 23: Shen (spirit)


Entire Series: $125

Per Class: $20

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