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April 2-8, 2025

Water Tai Ji and Book of Changes Divination

A 5 day retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs

Instructed by Lindsey Wei

Guest Lectures by  Johan Hausen


In this retreat we will practice water style Wudang Tian Ma 36 form as well as Oracle reading methods for healing.  We will cover fundamentals such as tai ji rooted stepping, circular and spiraling movement, harmonizing the breathing, silk reeling, standing pillar, cloud hands, seeking structure through standing pillar in the morning, seeking stillness through seated meditation in the evenings.  

In the afternoons we will have guest lectures by Johan Hausen on the rare and complex method of Yi Jing Divination known as the 6 line method for healing purposes.  Content includes:


-Introduction to the Yi Jing as a book of divination

-Origins and the Making of the Yi Jing (nine sages)

-Yi Jing Virtue, for health not for gain/profit

-Two most important diagrams, He Tu and Luo Shu

-Yin and Yang (liangyi)

-Four/five emblematic animals/beasts

-Five phases/five beasts

-Eight trigrams

-Ten Heavenly Stems 

-Twelve Earthly Branches

-Twelve palaces of birthing and flourishing

-64 hexagrams


-Healing procedure

-Categories of the 10,000 Things (trigram associations)

-Overview of casting methods, pre-heaven (time only), post-heaven (trigram numbers) method, coin method, yarrow stalk (ling)

-Application of the 6-Lines method:

-Moving line

-Hidden line

-Six relatives

-Hidden/flying spirits

-Shi/Ying (world/response)

-Empty Death

johan at temple.jpg

Johan Hausen

Johan has a martial arts background which eventually brought him to the Five Immortals Temple where he spent more than 5 years under the tutelage of Li Shifu. 


There he studied a variety of subjects including Tai Ji, longevity exercises, Dao Yin (guiding and leading of Qi), alchemy, swordsmanship, martial arts, Feng Shui, Yi Jing (The Book of Changes) divination, Daoist healing, and entering the 24th Dragon Gate lineage.

Johan has been studying the Yi jing since 2008 and the Six-Lines Method since 2015 with the abbot of Five Immortals Temple Li Shifu. While the Six-Lines can be applied for many different aspects, Johan deeply studied it in regards to healing and removing illness, since the physical body is the most valuable possession on earth, Li Shifu reiterates.


Johan currently works as a Chinese medicine practitioner, taiji and qigong teacher in a psychosomatic clinic near Cologne, Germany. He also co-founded Purple Cloud Press with the mission statement to preserve the ancient knowledge of China, especially in regards to medicine, martial arts and philosophy.


This retreat we will be hosted at Breitenbush Hot Springs. A remote hot springs located in near central Oregon. Please see their website for more information.


Unlimited Hot Spring Access

Includes 3 vegetarian meals per day

6 nights from $672

(camping only available May-Oct.)

$702 (vehicle camping)

$852 (platform tent)

$1172 the grove one bed

*These are rough estimates of pricing and may include additional fees


Tuition: $1,450

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