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Immersion Camps

Immersion and dedicated focus is the backbone of our school.

We create an environment where students can experience what it is like to train full time, take a step out of the grind of society, and go deep into this discipline.

2024 Schedule

Lindsey will assist Li Shi Fu in instructing summer courses at Five Immortals Temple, Wudang, China.

Ba Gua Course, June 10 - 26


Kung Fu – Eight Trigrams Dragon Heart Palm (Wu Dang Five Dragons Heavenly Dipper Ba Gua Zhang) and Five Dragons Pure Yang Body Protection Skill.

Daoist Medicine Beginner Course, July 2 - 18

Sign up through Five Immortals Temple



Southern Oregon Immersion Camps

In-person immersions will resume in 2025

Sword Camp 2023

View the immersion details here


Hey Lindsey,

I wanted to properly thank you for everything you’ve done for us on the mountain.  I had an amazing time learning from you and getting to cultivate in a quiet and serene setting.  I also really enjoyed the company of everyone who came out for the program.


You really are a noble, generous person for sharing the teachings with us.  You’re helping a lot of people grow and change for the better.  I can honestly say that you’re mentorship is helping me to grow up to be the person I wanna be.  And this is only the beginning of it.

Sincerely, Mike


First, I just want to acknowledge the opportunities and successes you’ve created for yourself.  You are walking the walk and leading by example.  Doors are opening for you and your path is becoming more clear.  Congratulations does not account for all of your dedication and hard work.  If I didn’t know you, one could see this just by watching you move.  But I do know you, and your physical form pales in comparison to the grace, depth, and strength of your spirit.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to train, work, and learn from you.

With Honor, Graham

I really need to communicate to you how grateful I still am for the two months I worked with and learned from you. I would say that it’s the most beautiful, valuable, and spiritually memorable experience of my life time. The work on the land brought my heart hope about my existence that I thought I could never feel again.

When some of us are “fortunate” enough to find *you*, Lindsey, or be led to you…

…we are being given an opportunity to work together *with* you, to enhance our existence as the tiny organisms we are in this universe…so we can get the bigger picture, of everyone’s purpose as a larger whole.


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