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Big Dipper Body Protection Qi Gong

Co-Instructed by Lindsey Wei and Johan Hausen (Purple Cloud Institute)

April 25 - May 30

6 week online course (live)

9am PDT/ 6pm CEST (1.5 hour class)

This is a special opportunity to receive this set from two instructors who have spent over 15 years with these movements learned directly from Master Li Xing De of the Five Immortals Temple.


Johan has a martial arts background which eventually brought him to the Five Immortals Temple where he spent more than 5 years under the tutelage of Li Shifu.


There he studied a variety of subjects including Tai Ji, longevity exercises, Dao Yin (guiding and leading of Qi), alchemy, swordsmanship, martial arts, Feng Shui, Yi Jing (The Book of Changes) divination, Daoist healing, and entering the 24th Dragon Gate lineage.

Johan currently works as a Chinese medicine practitioner, taiji and qigong teacher in a psychosomatic clinic near Cologne. He also co-founded Purple Cloud Press with the mission statement to preserve the ancient knowledge of China, especially in regards to medicine, martial arts and philosophy.

Course Description

​Five Dragons Pure Yang Body Protection Skill is a form of “hard qi gong”.  Through specific breathing and Dao Yin methods, the practitioner is enabled to reach harmony of one’s own energetic field with the universe’s force field. 


Following set routines for an extended period of time, the student will achieve increased internal strength, resistance to external attacks and effective self-defense, as well as tonify internal health and balance.


This practice can expel stagnation and old toxins from deep within the body.  It also tonifies the immune system and wei qi to defend and protect the practitioner from external forces, be it pathogenic factors or energetic influences.  The movements stimulate circulation of the endocrine system, and activate the parasympathetic nervous system thereby slowing the heart and breathing rates, lowering blood pressure and promoting digestion.


We begin each session (Thursdays) with Bone Marrow Washing and Rhythm Detox Exercise (also known as Ha-ha Gong, Acupuncture Meridian Dredging or Crow Qi Gong) warm ups, followed by core content Da Gong and end with 15 minutes of Q&A.  Acupressure points are utilized throughout.  Name sheet is provided  with English, Pin Yin, and Chinese Characters (simplified and traditional) of Di Yi Bu – Tian Bu (first step – Heavenly Set): 9 movements combining breathing method and pai da (self hitting).  Recordings provided every week after class on Thursdays and are available to participants for 6 months.  Da Gong is appropriate for all skill levels and can be modified for purposes ranging from health benefits to martial fortitude.  


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