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We offer a variety of online classes for all levels. Register for a membership course or purchase individual classes led by Lindsey Wei

Membership Classes

Go deeper into your practice with self-paced interactive online classes.


Daoist Meditation

Explore the mindscape

through Daoist stillness practices

in this 64 week course.

Yang Sheng Gong Online Class

Yang Sheng Gong

Practice of cultivating life with restorative movements that replenish the qi within the body.


Ba Gua Fundamentals

A study of the fundamental principles to Wudang Wulong Tian Gang Ba Gua Zhang.

Seven Star Sword - BG.jpg

Seven Star Sword

Double edged straight sword form from Wudang Mountains.

Online Classes

One time purchase, accessed through a password protected page, available for 1 year.


Returning Students

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