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Daoist Meditation



Every month

+$30 Course Registration

Explore the mindscape through Daoist stillness practices.

Valid until canceled


Explore the mindscape through Daoist stillness practices. This cohort originally met once per week live and has now been archived into a comprehensive online course containing a total of 64 meditation videos, released twice per week.  

Each meeting begins with 15 minutes of teachings, followed by 45 minutes of meditation. Methodologies covered include Fasting of the Mind, Inner Observation, Visualization, Microcosmic Orbit, Stillness Sitting, Reverse Breathing, Internal Landscape Map, Shang Qing Body Spirits, Five Tone Healing Song, Sleeping Dragon Method, Self Inquiry and more. Meditation prompts and sequences are given and sometimes guided.  Readings from scriptural texts may range from classics such as Morning and Evening Scripture, Yellow Court Scripture, Dao De Jing, Shortcut to the Great Achievement and others. Question and Answer sessions included, as well as real-time reflections from those who attended the live course.

Register for Yang Sheng Gong or Ba Gua Fundamentals and receive this course for free.


The course registration fee is a one time payment.  To maintain access to the course content there is a monthly subscription.  You may cancel your subscription at anytime and later re-subscribe to return to the videos without repaying the registration fee. There are no live meetings, it is pre-recorded and self paced with immediate access.    

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