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Building Resilience: Introduction to Wilderness Survival Skills

Building Resilience: Introduction to Wilderness Survival Skills

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In a society that grows increasingly disconnected from the natural world, it is empowering and healing to remember ways of living intimately with the Earth.  Wilderness survival skills are a doorway to deepen our connection with the land and our own personal freedom. The fundamentals of shelter, fire, water, and food are the four elements of survival and the first steps in understanding how to prepare for disasters and take care of ourselves and our loved ones. In this lecture style class, we will introduce the most basic aspects of self-reliance in the wilderness.  As we incorporate these tools into our daily lives, we can move towards a more holistic and harmonious way of being.  


For returning students of Daoism and Martial Arts, we hope you will find that self-reliance outside of the conveniences of society and living with the earth is absolutely part of the nature oriented philosophies of the Dao, essential to the path of the hermit or renunciant, and integral to the martial artist as a protector of self or others.  Through this class we hope to shed light on how and why it is so important to have some of these basic survival skills in our field of awareness.


Co-instructed by Lindsey Wei and Miriam Grace

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