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Calm Alert: Emergency Preparedness and Go Bags

Calm Alert: Emergency Preparedness and Go Bags

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In the face of societal unrest and climate collapse, we want to feel secure sheltering in place and be ready to move at a moment’s notice. Widespread fires, power outages, storms, and other disasters are showing us the necessity to prepare for and find safety in unforeseen circumstances.


This is a class to introduce and develop a consistent mental awareness of one's surroundings, as a way of improving life, but also to be better prepared for potential emergency situations and how to respond to such events.  We will cover various lists of materials that one might want to have on hand at any given time in case of a natural disaster, in the form of go bags and supplies to keep in the home or vehicle.  We will also discuss practical habits to build that make us feel more prepared for any unexpected situation, all while enjoying life to its fullest and remaining peaceful when possible.  


Co-instruced by Lindsey Wei and Miriam Grace

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