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Daoist Gate Conference 2022: Free Lecture

Daoist Gate Conference 2022: Free Lecture


Zhen Wu - Perfected Warrior of the Northern Heavens 


Here is a free lecture/ slide presentation on the history and iconography of Daoist Deity Zhen Wu by Lindsey Wei at the Daoist Gate Conference 2022 where she spoke among 3 other Panelists: Zhou Xuan Yun, Josh Paynter, and Deng Ming Dao.  


Zhen Wu is the patron deity of the Wudang Mountains.  He manifests with martial and thunder power, depicted with sword, golden armor, and the directional symbol of turtle snake.  He is associated with the Northern Celestial Realms and the color black.  We will discuss the emergence of Zhen Wu throughout the dynasties, as well as orally transmitted myths locally in Wudang Shan.  The worship of Zhen Wu, along with other founders of martial methods and Daoist practices, such as Lu Dong Bin and Zhang San Feng, have influenced Wudang Mountain culture creating a rich lineage of masters and knowledge of internal movement arts that evolved with Daoist cultivation and ceremony, continuing to this day.  We will discuss the essential relationship of the embodiment arts with main features of Daiost cosmology, mantra, talisman, and hand seal, as well as neidan development.  Examples of these are tai ji quan, ba gua zhang, and yang sheng gong exercises. When martial culture is included in the lifestyle, worldview, and character development of a Wudang Daoist, it can create a strong healthy vessel for authentic practice and transformation.  We hope you enjoy.  


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