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Heaven and Earth Fan Workshop

Heaven and Earth Fan Workshop


In this online workshop, we will explore the dynamic and fluid movements of fan weaponry.  Originating in the Kun Lun Mountains of China, then later popularized in Wu Dang, this Qian Kun Shan Zi set is both beautiful and strong.  It is characterized by slicing, thrusting, elaborate stepping, parrying, and swift changes from high to low with cross stance.  Movements can be done slow, with integration of breath, for health, longevity and joy.  Alternatively, movements can be done faster and sharper with an emphasis on understanding the martial principles.  In this class we will be making modifications to adapt to those tuning in from home with minimal training space.  We recommend tuning into this class from a training space no smaller than 10’x10’, indoors or outdoors.  Please order a fan ahead of time. 


We suggest any of the following fans in 13” if in the US:


You can also check online at amazon or ebay or any site that ships to your location.  Open to all levels. 


This course includes 5 class recordings of 1.5 hours in length, for a total of 7.5 hours of instruction.  

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