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Intermediate Tai Chi : Fire & Water

Intermediate Tai Chi : Fire & Water


This is an intermediate level course designed for those who know the movements of the Wudang Heavenly Horse Tai Ji 36 Movements Form.  This week will provide the opportunity for the practitioner to deepen their familiarity with the set and improve.  We will address breathing, fluidity, posture, stances and stepping method, while building strength and mobility.  A large component to this class will be execution of the power emission (fa jin), candle punching and expanding on the fire style of Tai Ji.  


Prerequisite: Tai Chi Archive, previous Tai Chi classes with WWH or Five Immortals Temple


This course includes 5 class recordings of 1.5 hours in length, for a total of 7.5 hours of instruction.  Archived from March 1-5, 2021.

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