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Sword Camp Archive Videos

Seven Star Sword 49 Postures is a double edged straight sword form from Wudang Mountain Chun Yang Sect.  It is characterized by ba gua stepping, fluid and circular movements, like the spirit of the dragon.  It is as much a ceremonial practice, enriched with prayer and empowerment, as it is a container for developing traditional martial weapons skills.  In this online class we will learn the 49 postures of this form, its Daoist ceremonial elements, as well as some practical applications of how to wield a sword in combat. 


All ages and skill levels welcome. ​Must have a double edge straight sword or "jian" with a blade of 28"-30" depending on height. Please contact us  if you need help ordering one.

This course includes 9 class recordings of 2 hours each, plus a 20 minute and 40 minute live private session, for a total of 19 hours of instruction.

Sword Camp Archive Videos

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