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Tai Chi

Tai Chi


In this online class we will learn the Heavenly Horse 36 Postures Tai Chi from Wudang Mountain.  We will explore the methods of Fire and Water, 2 ways to approach the practice of Tai Chi.   When Tai Chi is executed in the Fire method, it is characterized by low stance work, spiraling movement, and fa-jing power (wave or whip-like strikes), it is invigorating and demanding.  When Tai Chi is practiced in the Water method it is soft, relaxed and for the main purpose of health and longevity, increasing qi and blood flow.  Both methods are a moving meditation which can help ease stress, provide peace of mind-body, correct structural alignment and balance, and offer strength and flexibility.   Students will learn basic movements such as Tai Ji Pillar, Standing Meditation Alignment, Cloud Hands, Silk Reeling, as well as stepping patterns like Brush Knee and Part the Hors's Mane.  Morning and evening meditation and qi gong basics will be part of everyday, sometimes done as homework outside of class.  Beginners welcome! Experienced practitioners will also get a lot of technique and knowledge out of this course.


This course includes 9 class recordings of 1.5 hours each, plus a 20 minute and a 40 minute live private session, for a total of 15 hours of instruction. 

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