A young American-Chinese seeker after truth, Lindsey Wei is drawn to the ancient Wudang Mountains on a quest to understand her ancestral roots and discover the hidden knowledge of Daoist martial arts, healing and spiritual wisdom. Determined to prove herself a worthy and dedicated disciple, she has to battle against her own earthly desires, the seduction of powerful Daoist Masters and the dark side of modern Chinese society to realize her true inner strength. A unique personal account, this book follows Lindsey's journey with the eccentric and enigmatic Li Shi Fu, a hermetic Daoist recluse, as she overcomes the challenges that block her path and establishes herself as an exemplary student of the internal arts. A true story, this book describes the living experience of a profoundly sincere, bitter and ultimately liberating female quest. It will be of interest to anyone who has ever pondered the true meaning of Chinese wisdom and the Dao De Jing, or practices meditation and yoga in the hope of discovering a deeper strength within themselves.

The Valley Spirit