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Daoist Meditation Cohort

A companion for meditative constancy based on authentic method

Wednesdays, 4-5 PST


In this cohort, we will meet once per week, ongoing.  New members can join at any time, as the content is non-linear.  Each meeting begins with 15 minutes of teachings that can range from Daoist theory and methodology on alchemy, meditation, devotion, mantra, ritual and more, to guided self massage (for example face massage, gua sha , zhou shen pai da), to simple stretches, to meditation prompts, to readings from scriptural texts.  

Following these opening teachings will be silent meditation together for 45 minutes.  Participants are welcome to leave the meeting early or stay longer depending on their personal practice progression.  Sometimes we meditate in silence, sometimes we meditate with sound healing music from our lineage.   Once per month we will have extra time for discussion and Q&A.  


Our introductory 15 minutes of prompt, technique, ritual or readings will be recorded and posted to your subscription page for use on our off days or if you miss the livestream meditation.  We highly recommend joining live into the collective field for weekly meditation together, but we understand if you have to miss a meeting from time to time.  We hope this cohort will create the container and continuation for you to easefully and joyfully achieve daily meditation for health, well being, and spiritual connection.         

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Many blessings to you and gratitude from us if you would like to make a donation to Wudang White Horse and our pursuits of sharing knowledge in Asian Culture, Martial Arts, Daoist Philosophies, Earth Skills, Wudang Gong Fu and Healing.  Donations go directly into improving the School, expanding infrastructure for in person programs, allowing scholarships to those who have less resources, support for post fire restoration, reforestation, and planting seed. Thank you!

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