Internal Martial Arts & Healing

ba gua fundamentals

September 15 - November 3

Thursdays, 9:00-10:00 a.m. PT


Explore a very old and rare style of Ba Gua known as Chun Yang Ba Bu, also known as Wudang Wu Long Tian Gang Ba Gua.  This style is currently only taught in its entirety at the Five Immortals Temple in Wudang Mountain, China via a lineage which stretches back one thousand years to Tang Dynasty Lu Dong Bin.  This Chun Yang Ba Bu is not related to the Dong Hai Quan lineage and is believed to predate it.    


Wudang Ba Bu maintains Daoist theories of the origin of the universe and how it functions through numerology and geometry according to the Five Elements and XianTian/HouTian Ba Gua systems.  The intent is rooted in Daoist ceremony for healing and alignment of internal and external environments according to cosmic principles.     


The course is designed as a training companion to create and condition the postures, spend time circle walking, cultivating qi through palm changes and striking techniques fundamental to the style of Ba Gua.  This course is suitable for beginners and beneficial to experienced practitioners.     


This is an eight week course, meeting every Thursday 9am-10am PT, followed by an optional 15 minute Q&A.  Class recordings are provided to participants after each live class and available for one month after the course ends. Participants need to have a 10x10’ space roughly with the ability to place the camera/laptop in a convenient location for moving while following along.  An introductory video will be released one week prior to the start date with instructions on how to map out your walking pattern in your space. 



Geometry of Circle Walking 


Tang Ni Bu

Posture & Alignment

Torroidial Flow Arms

Yin Yang Kai He

Breath Unification

Ba Gua Fa Jin

Mo Cha Bu

Triangle stepping

Winding Around

     Mysterious Palace 

Sweep Kicks 

Palm Changes

Striking Sequences


Self Healing



Wu Ji/ Emptiness

Tai Ji/ Ultimate Oneness 

Liang Yi/ Yin Yang 

San Cai/ Tian Di Ren

Si Xiang/ Four Directions

Wu Xing/Five Elements 

Liu He/ 6 Harmonies 

Qi Xing/ Seven Stars

Ba Gua/ Eight Trigrams

Jiu Gong/ Nine Palaces

Shi Fang/ 10 Directions


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