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Ba Gua Fundamentals



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Study the fundamental principles to Wudang Wulong Tian.

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A study of the fundamental principles to Wudang Wulong Tian Gang Ba Gua Zhang, focusing on the art of circle walking and mud stepping over sacred patterns.


This style is currently only taught in its entirety at the Five Immortals Temple in China via a lineage which stretches back one thousand years to Tang Dynasty Lu Dong Bin. 

Wudang Ba Bu maintains Daoist theories of the origin of the universe and how it functions through numerology and geometry according to the Five Elements and XianTian/HouTian Ba Gua systems.  Its intent is rooted in Daoist Ceremony for healing and restoration of internal and external environments according to cosmic principles.  The style includes core tools of Daoist ritual practice such as talisman, mantra, and hand seal.

Suitable for beginners and beneficial to experienced practitioners, this course includes 12 hours of instructional video footage lead by Lindsey Wei, plus resources and links on torus dynamics, sacred geometry, Yi Jing, DNA structure and more . Originally taught on zoom over eight weeks, practiced once per week, you can now move through this course at your own pace and create new patterns for daily practice.

Space Requirements to mark symbol on the ground: 10'x10' minimum.

The Daoist Meditation course is included in this membership ($30 Value)

The course fee is a one time payment.  To maintain access to the course content there is a monthly subscription.  You may cancel your subscription at anytime and later re-subscribe to return to the videos without repaying the registration fee.  There are no live meetings, it is pre-recorded and self paced with immediate access.  

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