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This is a summary of offerings that tend to integrate organically into all we do at Wudang White Horse.  Please note that not all courses contain all of this content, the inclusion or omission of specific topics depends on the focus art of the course, student collective, and what applies to the moment. 

Kung Fu Basics

Low stances, kicks, striking, blocking, strength training, conditioning, flexibility, coordination, repetition and transformation of physiology through traditional kung fu methods.


Morning standing meditation, Marrow Washing, Sun Gazing and more.


Pure Yang Life Cultivating Body Repairing Gong- theses are simple restorative movements that replenish the qi within the body, detox old and stagnant qi and blood, increase vitality, lubricate the joints, release endocrine fluids, strengthen the fascia, tendons, and bones, as well as increase general immune and adrenal function. 

The Pure Yang lineage’s Yang Sheng Gong is made of 3 sets of 9 movements each. Accessible to all no matter the age or the physical condition, they are a treasure of efficiency and coherence. Increasing the flow of Qi and blood in the body, removing blockages and expelling toxins, and harmonizing body, Heart-Mind, and Spirit, the practice of Yang Sheng Gong generates health, long life and clarity. The first set, corresponding to Human, unlocks the joints and opens up the physical and energy bodies. The second set, corresponding to Earth, includes specific breathing methods and stomping steps that activate the flow of energy, thus increasing the release of toxins and promoting even more Qi and blood circulation. The third set, corresponding to Heaven, is made of various standing meditation postures, and engages the practitioner in the cultivation of stillness while circulating Qi internally.


Through specific breathing and Dao Yin methods, the practitioner is enabled to reach harmony of one’s own energetic field with the universe’s force field. Following set routines for an extended period of time the student will achieve increased internal strength, resistance to external attacks and effective self-defense, as well as tonify internal health and balance.


Stillness Cultivation is most fundamental of all Daoist Arts to cultivate Essence, Qi and Spirit. Our practice as a collective will allow us to establish a solid routine, so as to restore and accumulate Qi, stabilize in Stillness, purify the Heart-Mind and open Innate Wisdom. We will also explore collective practice methods specifically designed to enhance and accelerate one’s Healing.

The Qing Jing Jing is a foundational Scriptures of the Daoist lineages, similar to the Heart Sutra in Buddhism.  It is of profound significance as a guidance for spiritual cultivation. We will study the Scripture in Chinese and its meaning, and learn the recitation method to be able to chant it during the Morning Scriptures Ceremony.


We will cover basic circle walking stepping methods, the sacred patterns, Daoist theory, and begin to learn the 8 steps of Chun Yang Sect’s Ba Bu Long Xin Zhang form.  This is not only a martial art but also a ceremony and healing practice.  To read more about Ba Gua from the Five Immortals Temple website click here.


Through Tai Ji fa jin basics we practice the components of spiral and wave power which can be applied martially and increase bone density, strengthen tendon and fascia.  These methods of emitting power can also be applied to other martial styles, kung fu basics, and ba gua.


Introduction to Daoist Ceremony, specifically the recitation of the Morning Scripture and it’s musical accompaniment.  Zao Wan Gong Ke includes some of the major Daoist texts such as Qing Jing Jing (Scripture of Purity and Stillness), Ba Da Shen Zhou (Eight Spirit Mantras), and Xin Yin Miao Jing (Jade Emperors Heart Seal Classic).  For more information on scriptures, check Five Immortals Temple website.

Additional Subjects

  • ​Heavenly Horse Tai Chi 36

  • Chun Yang Sword

  • Wudang Shan Zi

  • Ba Gua – Eight Step Dragon Heart Palm

  • Basic TCM Theory and Daoist Healing Methods:  five element theory, tui na massage, cupping therapy, gua sha, fire healing, moxibustion, herbs, liniments

  • Self Training

  • Daoist Alchemy Concepts

  • Personal Sacred Area

  • Caretaking the Land

  • Shelter

  • Fire by Friction

  • Edible and Medicinal Plants

  • Archery

  • Stalking and Movement

  • Blindfolded Martial Training

  • Connecting with the Earth

  • Essence of Ceremony

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